Monday, June 22, 2009

obama's elevator

Madonna's elevator

meeting space

Obama's space

Madonna's space

The space that I have been designed for Barack Obama is based on his power of changing the world, so I create a model like white house with large column inside it, which also means as strong, and heavy.
Madonna’s power is to influence people by his voice and his songs. She is popular star in her place so
The material that I used in both models is concrete and aggregates and metal, those materials are also related to the power of two clients.
The meeting space that these two clients are going to be look like PEACE SIGN. I specially choose this design because when they going to meet each other the topic that they going to discuss is peace, and how to manage it. Madonna with her song and Barack Obama with his ability and the place that he is now as president, they both will bring peace in the world. Madonna will be practice in her office about the songs that she going to be sings about peace, and Barack Obama will work in his office and think about the problems and the issues in the world and how to fix it. They both bring their ideas in meeting space they going to talk about this.

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