Monday, May 4, 2009

ElectroLiquid Aggregation quote

I just want to know observations of similarities and differences.

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Light to Dark Texures

Images from Developed Model in UT

The images above shows my developed model in UT.
The outside space representing the design for Keith Campbell. The design behind the wall is designed for Alfred Nobel.
The 2 spaces are connected together by using ramps and tunnels. The idea of designing the design for both clients coming from those quotes that each one of them has been said.
I used difirence and similarities in my design for Alfred Nobel. Similar shapes of cubes, different design for walls and spaces inside the design. Also there is tunnel that goes through Alfred Nobel Design to meeting space and a ramp that connect these three spaces together.
In Keith Campbell’s Lab by designing the walls through together the ramps that connecting to meeting point and tunnel all have been created to represent the” How everything Works” from his quotes.
The meeting space is a small and simple design that’s bring two scientist together her to talk about their activities. There is ramp that goes from meeting point to Keith Campbell’s Lab.

parallel sketches

Unreal Tourtment unfinished model

18 axonometrics sketches

The Axonometric Sketch selected for Cleints meeting point

The Axonometric Sketch selected for Clientt 2 ( Alfred Nobel)

The Axonometric sketch Selected for Client 1 Keith Campbell